Twins (Hikaru Genji)

posted on 20 Aug 2010 15:22 by redcrayon in BJD

So excited to had a dolls meeting with friends who from Twaiwan and HK.
Their dolls are cute and handsome!!!
So sad!! I just took few photos about them.
It was because we were crazy to shopping in the HKDP5.
Had you saw us in the HKDP5? XD


My Hikaru Genji -- Moon-Orange (Som-O)


Taiwan friend's Hikaru Genji -- 一至

They looks different however they have same sculpt.

Som-O is cool and 一至 is cute! XD

We had a rush meeting at a nook in HKDP5.


Oh, I love the tan boy who has long sliver wig. He's amazing!!


Horus has tan skin & scar on face too.

But the scar just face-up. I want the scar captain!!! 

Kids: "Good job!!"

Lokifer ~ That's me!
Please say hi to me when you meet me in next time!!

I am Thai (mixed), But I looks like Chinese. XD




ZePhyRuS << Thank u. I think Som-O is a sweet guy too however many peoples think he is cool. XD

Anlegy << Thank u. I miss them and hope to have doll meeting soo. XD

Lokifer << Thank u. Hope we will meet at HKDP6!! I don't wanna miss the chance again. >_<

BEAUT << Thank u. Never mind. T_T It's pity, we can't meet at HK.
Looking forward to see u and share something about Boys love in next time. XD

Opal << Thank u. Genji is one of my dream doll. I'm glad to get him. I added you in my list too. ^_^

Kufufu << Thank u. I want to capture the Taiwan Genji back home. XD I love twins!!

Nomyens << Thank u. ^__^

Oppu << Thank u. ^__^

จารุ << Thank u. Som-O is elder brother and 一至 is younger brother. XD

thanikarn << Thank u. >__< Help! Now I can't resistance handsome boys and lovely tinies. The caught my heart!!

หัวใจจะวาย << Right! His nickname (Thai) is Som-O. His chinese name--月橘, that is name of a plant. Not Orange! XD

FH666 << Thank u. I love Uniform!! It's cool!!

ถั่วเขียว << Thank u. My face is not very fat. But I have a big ass & fat thighs. Too bad! >_<
Oh,my younger brother's name is cute! ^3^ Hope to meet u & ZePhyRus next year too!

shun << Thank u. I want to meet all of your son. I will take Som-O & Mañjusaka to see u when you come to HK.

Muse << Wa..ha..ha Thank u. But I am not young girl and I looks wicked. XD

#17 By Red mina on 2010-08-26 17:44

Wow, handsome twins, they look so different but both of them are hot!

I never know that Moon-Orange thai name is Som-O, that is so cute.

I think you are cute too. double wink

#16 By +Muse+ on 2010-08-22 23:14

Both of them are very handsome. Especially Moon Orange. I love him.

I'm very sad that I cann't go to HKDP. Hope I have a chance to see your son in next time.

#15 By shun on 2010-08-22 22:42

hello again cry

you're sooo cute (and not fat at all)

ooooh!! those kids are amazing, they're adorable so much good jobs !!

twins Genji so handsome *screams* cry

btw. Som-O is also my younger brother's name, haha question (but it's mean Pummelo)

(last year I went to HKDP with ZePhyRus ka' and we plan to go again next year naka, hope to see you confused smile)

#14 By ~ถั่วเขียว~ on 2010-08-22 00:13

Great outfits! I always love men in uniform. LOL~ Though they both are Genji, the feeling was totally different. big smile

#13 By FH666 on 2010-08-21 22:16

I just know that Moon-orange means Som-O big smile
This is the first time I see your photo, you are very cute girl.

#12 By หัวใจจะวาย on 2010-08-21 17:27

2 Hikaru Gemji are awesome, ome is extremly handsome and the other is just beautiful. Luckily, I have extra high resistance to Boy and Man BJD.
But what I can not resist is the tinies!!! Oww they are sute >w<

#10 By thanikarn on 2010-08-21 13:40

Wow Twin Hikaru genjin
至 So Cool but Your Moon-orange
Very hansome XD

#9 By Jaru on 2010-08-21 09:25

Twin Genji!!
So handsome~ I love them both.

#8 By Oppuchan on 2010-08-21 06:19

i like genji haha
big smile

#7 By Nomyens on 2010-08-21 02:54

Wow!!! they two are look great(Handsome=w=)

#6 By Kufufu on 2010-08-20 22:20

Both of them are really great.
Your Genji is so handsome and your friend's Genji is so beautiful!
And all dolls in the meeting are really cute too.
I wish I can have a chance to go to HKDP next year too.
cry cry cry cry cry
P.S. I have add your blog to my favorite list already, next time I won't miss your new entry update anymore.

#5 By Opal on 2010-08-20 21:56

Moon kun so gorgeous in this uniform. XD
Your friend's genji look gentle.
Love pic of this couple. >___<

P.S. So sorry I can't go to this event. My family had holiday trip together. TwT
Wish to see u in next time na ka. Miss u ka. ^w^

#4 By ~: BEAUT :~ on 2010-08-20 20:07

I adore your Moon Orange
both Genjis are so damn HOTTT!!!
I can't resist two Genjis at a time
They're such a great killer. Seriously
such a nice meetingsurprised smile
Kids are so cute~~

I'll remember your face cry
์Next time i won't miss a chance to know you
thx for the picsurprised smile

#3 By Lokifer on 2010-08-20 17:12

Oh--- A lovely meeting group I must say! Many Yosds and little children.

Twin Genji are both cool ka!

#2 By anlegy on 2010-08-20 16:54

Your Genji is really handsome
and every time I saw your Horus I always think "He's so sweet."

I didn't go to HKDP this year. [Just went there last year.]
Next time, I'll go to HKDP and hope that I can see you there.cry

#1 By . : : ZePhyRuS : : . on 2010-08-20 16:52